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"The Evolution of Academy Sports PT: From Inception to Impact"

Welcome to the virtual doorstep of Academy Sports PT! Whether you landed here in search of top notch rehab/training, were directed here by recommendation or have worked with us we are delighted to have you!

Founded in 2018, Academy Sports PT emerged from a simple yet profound vision: to raise the standard in physical rehabilitaion and peformance training. Traditionally, physical therapy and healthcare in general is aimed at restoring physical ability to "normative" levels. Often, normative levels of physical function don't align with the end goals of athletes and motivated individuals, the physical requirements are much higher .

We believe the rehab process starts with your end goal. Blending your rehab process with the foundational principals of strength and conditioning allows our therapists to meet you where are and progress along the continuum of injury and pain to elite performance.

Over the years, with dedication, innovation and a relentless pursuit of progress our vision has come to life. Every day we help athletes and motivated individuals regain their physical function and perform at the highest level with confidence.

What truly sets Academy Sports PT apart is the team of expert physical therapists, performance coaches and administrative support that are dedicated to delivering top notch results.

As we embark on this blogging journey, our aim is twofold: to serve as a valuable resource in the world of sports rehabilitation and performance training, and to highlight products and services aligned with our mission of providing tools for deveoping physical resilence, longevity and performance. Here, you will find practical clinical insights and expertise, a look into our treatment philosophy and methodology and perhaps a sprinkle of inspiration to ignite your own physical pursuits.

Is pain or injury limiting your abilty to train or compete? Want to be confident you have a well designed training structure and execution plan? We're here to help!

Stay tuned,

Nick Bruno PT, DPT, CSCS

Founder/CEO, Academy Sports PT

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